Michael Kee

Michael Kee was born in southwest Missouri and is very proud of his Cherokee heritage.  He traveled the United States with his family during his youth.  Later he traveled Europe for a year experiencing its richness and diversity.  After living on the East and West coast of the US, Michael settled in South Florida.  He recently retired from a very successful career at a fortune 500 financial services company. In 2012, Michael began an awakening process that continues today.  He describes his creative inspiration by saying; “My art, ideas and poetry all come as Spirit moves me.  I never know what’s coming next and I love every moment.”  Michael’s current works include several styles of acrylic abstract, ink on glass, mixed media, 3D framed crystal art, spiritual art and poetry.  His inspiration continues to flow and he says that his greatest satisfaction is being able to express what he is given and to share it with others